Penberthy Jet Pumps

Penberthy Jet Pumps – Replacements

Penberthy Jet Pump

Penberthy Jet Pump

Replace your Penberthy Jet Pump with a JT Jet Pump for better performance.  JT jet pumps / eductors feature the newest ideas in eductor design and manufacture, ideas that provide real user benefits.  They match Penberthy eductors in connection sizes & dimensions.  There is no need for repiping or resizing.  The product is supported by a knowledgeable staff, large inventory and World Class Manufacturing.

Off the Shelf Solutions Include:

  • Jet Pumps from 1/2″ through 3″ Sizes in (Cast) Carbon Steel, 316LSS and Bronze. All 300# ANSI Rated!
  • Tank Mixing eductors from 3/8″ through 3″ Sizes in (Cast) Carbon Steel and 316LSS.
  • Tank Mixing eductors from 1/4″ through 1-1/2″ Sizes in Polypropylene (PPL) and KYNAR (PVDF).
  • Tank Heating eductors from 3/8″ through 3″ Sizes in (Cast) Carbon Steel and 316LSS.

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Penberthy Model: Replace With:
Penberthy Model LL Model SL
Penberthy Model LM Model ML
Penberthy Model LH Model HL
Penberthy Model GL Model SG
Penberthy Model GH Model HG
Penberthy Model HLM Model MLH
Penberthy Model ELL Model MLE
Penberthy Model RJ Model ULJ
Penberthy Model CTE Model TLA
Penberthy Model TME Model TLM