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Jet Pump Selection Guide

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Use the following tables to help select the appropriate jet pump/eductor.

Jet pumps, also known as eductors, operate on the principles of fluid dynamics. An operating fluid media, which is referred to as the MOTIVE, placed under pressure enters the inlet and is forced through the nozzle where it is converted into a high-velocity stream. This high-velocity stream decreases the pressure in the suction chamber, creating a partial vacuum that draws the suction material into the chamber where it is entrained by the motive media. Once the SUCTION stream is drawn in, shear between motive media and the transported material causes both media to be intermixed and pumped out the DISCHARGE outlet, dispelled at a pressure greater than that of the SUCTION stream but lower than that of the MOTIVE. This basic principle of fluid dynamics is what makes jet pumps work.


Liquid Jet Pump Table

Using Liquid as Operating Medium
Discharge Head Level - ModelLow - SL / LLMed - ML / LMHigh - HL / LH
Operating MediumLiquidLiquidLiquid
Operating Medium Pressure Range15-200 PSIG15-200 PSIG15-200 PSIG
Nom Operating Med Pressure PSIG/ft of Discharge Head2.0 PSIG (SP.GR. 1.0)1.5 PSIG (SP.GR. 1.0)1.0 PSIG (SP.GR. 1.0)
Discharge Head Pressure Rangeto 50 FT.40 to 80 FT.80 FT. or more
Suction Liftto 27 27 27 FT.
Minimum NPSH3 FT.3 FT.3 FT.


Jet Pumps for Gas

Using Air, Liquid or Steam as Operating Medium
Operating mediumLiquidLiquidSteam, AirSteam, Air
Operating medium pressure range20-250 PSIG20-250 PSIG60-120 PSIG20-80 PSIG
Maximum Vacuum 29 IN. HG.29 IN. HG.24 IN. HG.24 IN. HG.
Outlet Pressure (PSIG)20201220


Jet Pumps for Steam

Using Steam as Operating Medium
Discharge Head Level - ModelLow - SG / GLHigh - HG / GH
Operating Steam Pressure Range60-150 PSIG35-150 PSIG
Oper. Steam Press. to Elevate Liquid 50 FT.150 PSIG75 PSIG
Suction Lift (with Water Temp to 120°F)to 20 20 FT.
Minimum NPSH13 FT.13 FT.


Heating Liquids in-tank

Using Steam as Operating Medium
Operating Medium Pressureto 120 PSIGto 140 PSIGto 140 PSIGto 150 PSIG
Max Water Temp Riseto 120°Fto 120°Fto 120°Fto 120°F
Max Final Tempto 160°Fto 160°Fto 160°Fto 170°F


Heating Liquid in-Line

Using Liquid as Operating Medium, Steam as Suction Stream Heat Source.
Suction Steam Pressureto 45 PSIGto 120 PSIGto 150 PSIGto 150 PSIG
Max Water Temp Riseto 182°Fto 216°Fto 200°Fto 200°F
Max Capacity5,000 GPM5,000 GPM700 GPM700 GPM


Mixing Liquids in-Tank

Using Portion of Tank Contents or another Liquid as Operating Medium.
Pressure Differential of Inlet to Tank Pressure10-100 PSIG
Max Capacity of Total Liquid Mixed per Unit12,730 GPM