Penberthy Jet Pumps

Penberthy Jet Pumps

Penberthy Jet Pumps
Penberthy Jet Pumps

Penberthy Jet Pumps provide a practical alternative to more complicated and expensive methods, jet pumps offer simple, more cost-effective ways to pump, mix or heat a wide range of liquids and gases used in the process industry. Jet pumps can operate with a wide variety of motive liquids and gases. If you recognize any of the above terms, you can probably use a jet pump..  Our jet pumps / eductors feature the newest ideas in eductor design and manufacture, ideas that provide real user benefits.  The Penberthy brand has been recognized for global leadership in the design and manufacture of innovative products for the process industries since 1886.  Jet pumps are great for pumping and/or mixing liquids as well as inline steam heaters.  There are no moving parts so they are very easy to install and maintain.  The product is supported by a knowledgeable staff, large inventory and ISO9001 Manufacturing.

Off the Shelf NCI Jet Pump Solutions Include:

  • Jet Pumps from 1/2″ through 3″ Sizes in (Cast) Carbon Steel, 316LSS and Bronze.
  • Tank Mixing eductors from 3/8″ through 3″ Sizes in (Cast) Carbon Steel and 316LSS.
  • Tank Mixing eductors from 1/4″ through 1-1/2″ Sizes in Polypropylene (PPL) and KYNAR (PVDF).
  • Tank Heating eductors from 3/8″ through 3″ Sizes in (Cast) Carbon Steel and 316LSS.

What is a Jet Pump?

Penberthy Jet Pumps are a kind of jet-type pump that do not require any moving parts to be able to pump out a liquid or gas from a certain area. These pumps make use of their structure to transfer energy from one fluid to another via the Venturi effect. The structure of the pump is such that it has an injector chamber with a narrow shaped nozzle or tapered jet that is located inside the chamber and points axially towards the exhaust chamber to increase the pressure of the motive fluid as it enters the eductor. At the bottom of this nozzle is an opening that is used to suck in any form of fluid or other substance that needs to be extracted from a certain environment. The suction happens due to Venturi effect that creates a drop in pressure at the tip of the nozzle due to the fast flowing motive fluid which has gained kinetic energy due to the tapered shape of the nozzle. This difference in pressure causes the desired fluid to be sucked into the eductor and mixed into the flow stream to be guided out of the eductor.

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Penberthy Jet Pumps
Penberthy Jet Pumps

Penberthy Jet Pump Models:

Penberthy Model:
Penberthy Model LL
Penberthy Model LM
Penberthy Model LH
Penberthy Model GL
Penberthy Model GH
Penberthy Model HLM
Penberthy Model ELL
Penberthy Model RJ
Penberthy Model CTE
Penberthy Model TME

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