Water jet eductors are industrial process products designed for liquid pumping and mixing

water jet eductorProviding a practical alternative to more complicated and expensive methods, jet eductors offer simple, more cost-effective ways to pump, mix or heat a wide range of liquids and gases used in the process industry. Jet pumps can operate with a wide variety of motive liquids and gases. If you recognize any of the following, you can probably use a jet pump.

Jet pumps have a myriad of uses. Jet pumps not only pump liquids, they can also heat, mix and blend either in-line or in-tank. Jet pumps can evacuate gases, create a vacuum, boost suction pressures, mix granular solids with liquids and move granular solids with compressed air. In fact, you will be surprised at what a jet pump can do to solve your problem.

The purpose of this section and its associated pages is to identify the many uses for jet pumps, to identify pumps for specific processing operations and perhaps recognize new ways to use jet pumps to reduce costs and optimize your plant’s efficiency. We invite you to explore the possibilities of jet pump use in your operation. You might be surprised at the many ways jet pumps can help improve your company’s profitability!

While jet eductors may differ in appearance, basic operation is the same. Jet pumps, also known as eductors, operate on the principles of fluid dynamics. An operating fluid media, which is referred to as the MOTIVE, placed under pressure enters the inlet and is forced through the nozzle where it is converted into a high-velocity stream. This high-velocity stream decreases the pressure in the suction chamber, creating a partial vacuum that draws the suction material into the chamber where it is entrained by the motive media. Once the SUCTION stream is drawn in, shear between motive media and the transported material causes both media to be intermixed and pumped out the DISCHARGE outlet, dispelled at a pressure greater than that of the SUCTION stream but lower than that of the MOTIVE. This basic principle of fluid dynamics is what makes jet pumps work.